VCA ART 2021

Yundi Wang

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours)

I do art. I am 22 years old. I collect through photography and footage. I write, perform, make musical and non-musical sounds. I make films and rather strange sculptural objects from everyday materials, such as cleaning sponges. In 2021, my work navigates a digestion of the aches, anger and pain demanded by societal standards, relationship break-ups and the interpersonal. Through making, I often drift to explore different things, like fishing. Working also with Echo Li and Evelyn Pohl, our installations, videos and performances come from various conversations, random singing, dancing and spontaneous hanging out. It is kind of addictive. x

Yundi Wang, call back, Two channel video with sound, 4 minutes 35 seconds, 2021.
Yundi Wang, call back, Single channel video, 2021.
Yundi Wang , Caterpillar giving up, Single channel video, 2021.
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Yundi Wang and Lǐ Xīng Yǔ - Echo Li, How do I love a white person, C-type print in aluminium frame, 2021.
Yundi Wang and Lǐ Xīng Yǔ - Echo Li, A Culture that put avocado in everything and tells you to win the morning win the day, Cotton Jersey, Copic marker, 2021.
Yundi Wang and Lǐ Xīng Yǔ - Echo Li, Lang, Paper, water, pen, 2021.
Lǐ XīnɡYǔ (Echo Li) and Yundi Wang, Lang, Printed acetate sheets on water, 2021.

We acknowledge and pay respect to the Traditional Owners of the lands upon which our campus is situated, the Boonwurrung and Woiwurrung people of the Kulin Nations, who have created art, made music and told their stories here for thousands of generations. We also acknowledge and extend our respect to the Traditional Owners of all lands on which our work is viewed, shared and enjoyed, and to all Elders, past, present and emerging.

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