VCA ART 2021

Tarquin Charlesworth

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture)

Burning ants with a magnifying glass, juvenile cruelty

Hulk Hogan twitter bröther,

Quixotism, joust with the windmills.

Mead vessel, get drunk off the fumes of something else's hard work, Saccharomyces the actual homie tf

I work with active organic materials to linger in trans-mutative themes, abandoned legacies, and the stuff of unknown origin. Living things are out of our control, as are the marks they leave behind. Collaborating with semi-sentient materials makes the work. This mutually strenuous relationship is often polarized by the childish feeling of authority that one receives from exploiting other-organisms to play a kind of inept god.

Sitting in old bath water until I grow fins - this is the laziest way I can think, to get to a place where I resemble the Creature from the Black Lagoon. If I sit in there long enough, I will actually become the bath water.

Marooned in the centre of a dead planet for all of eternity, buried alive. Buried alive.

Tarquin Charlesworth, Dunce Cap and Pit 2.1, Reishi mycelium, molasses, sawdust, trichoderma sp., milking stool, 2021. Documentation by Claire Lambe.
Tarquin Charlesworth, Beetle Pillory, Illustration, 2021.
Tarquin Charlesworth, Stag 2, 7-point red deer antlers, 2021. Documentation by Claire Lambe.

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