VCA ART 2021

Chantal Faust

Bodies in Space

The artists in this collection all represent in myriad forms the matter of figures in space and the space between bodies and the world. Floating heads, downcast eyes, animals, humans and things which resemble them, come together to reveal a series of original and timely expanded portraits that address intimate, personal and political responses to the contested spaces of the contemporary moment. Even when coupled, they present a sense of the solitary figure, distanced from the social and feeling their way back into the world. All of these artists offer moving and critical imaginations which very much reward close looking — though please do remember to never smile at a crocodile.

Steven Bellosguardo, Installation View, Various Materials, 2021. Documentation by ALEC.
Imogen Arnol, Reclining Nude, Plywood, 2021. Documentation by Claire Lambe.
Siro Cavaiuolo, Camera Shy Cavaiuolos, Canson Baryta Photographique inkjet print, 2020.
Tara Denny, pigeon heck, Bronze, 2021.
Christina Darras, Flower Pillow (detail), Cotton and wool threads, calico, sequins, recycled plastic bottles, 2021.
Michelle Destefano, Blackboard projection (detail), Video projection work and blackboard, 2021.
Jacqueline Felstead, Zoe Holding Flowers, Archival pigment print of photogrammetric model, 2015.
Ava Hattam, installation view, MDF board, foam, acrylic paint, paper clay, watercolour on paper, digital print, 2021. Documentation by ALEC.
Arthur Nyakuengama, Indoors (installation view), Leather and steel armchair, shoulder-length latex gloves, latex polish, curtains, Dimensions variable, 2021. Documentation by ALEC.
Jake Preval, SWEAT!, C-Type Print, Dibond, Sports socks worn over a two week period in the studio, acrylic, 2021.
Miream Salameh, Missing Once In, Reborn Once Out, Raw clay and metal, 2021. Documentation by Damon Amb.
Moonis Ahmad Shah, The birds are coming archive, Digital Painting, Print on Fabric, Web Archive, LightBox, Qr Code, 2018-2021.
David Simpkin, Skywriter's Lament, Photograph, 2021.
Tom Sporne, Ceremony, Oil on wood board, 2021. Documentation by ALEC.
Yundi Wang and Lǐ Xīng Yǔ - Echo Li, A Culture that put avocado in everything and tells you to win the morning win the day, Cotton Jersey, Copic marker, 2021.
Melody Woodnutt, Pre/Post-human Cheeky Fella, Archival pigment print from 16mm film still, 2021.

Chantal Faust

Professor Chantal Faust is an artist, writer and Head of Contemporary Art Practice at the Royal College of Art, London.

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