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Emmanuel Rodriquez-Chaves

...a straight line towards the unknown

I sincerely think that the space generated by artistic production and research is essential for life. At least for mine. Starting from this existential motto, I observe the images of these artists and they fill me with emotion, especially when I observe something that catches my attention because I don't understand it at first sight. Exactly like when you look at a person and you understand that there is something mysterious there that calls you, but you don't know why. Is it a void, devouring everything that comes close? Or is it some mundane technical effect? It is not so simple to define. Lol. These artists I have chosen vary in subject matter, technical qualities, poetics, language and facture. I have been attracted to them for different reasons, but the main reason has been the enigmatic nature of their images: I see them through a curved screen, 14,239 km (or so Google tells me) away from Melbourne and Sarchí, Costa Rica, where I am at the moment. About 16 hours in the past. I always use this phrase to describe what I think when I talk about art that interests me, and I'm sorry if you've heard it from me before, it's from the Chilean writer, Roberto Bolaño. It comes in his book, Los detectives salvajes, or Estrella distante, I don't remember:

'With his back turned, looking at a point but moving away from it, in a straight line towards the unknown.'

Ezz Monem, In search of Mohamed, 162 35mm slides, Kodak Ektapro slide projectors, 2021. Courtesy of THIS IS NO FANTASY.
Darren Tanny Tan, Lingchi #2, Archival pigment print, 2021.
Christina May Carey, I, HD video, iPad, magnifying screen with custom steel frame, steel and aluminium articulating arm, 2021. Documentation by ALEC.
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Yundi Wang and Lǐ Xīng Yǔ - Echo Li, How do I love a white person, C-type print in aluminium frame, 2021.
Ashley Perry, Reconnaissance Object disguised as Country Observes, Epoxy resin, pigment, steel, brass, bronze, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, Raspberry Pi Camera Board, wax, digital print on paper, acrylic and galvanized steel, 2019. Documentation by ALEC.
Clara Joyce, Installation shot, VCA graduation show, 2021.
Evangela Lines-Morison, More Smart, More Safe, Oil on canvas, 2021. Documentation by Aaron Christopher Rees.
Miream Salameh, Missing Once In, Reborn Once Out, Raw clay and metal, 2021. Documentation by ALEC.
Constantine Virtanen, Untitled, Multimedia, 2021.
Elena Misso, Eclipse, Colour darkroom print, 2021.
Camille Perry, Kodak Hill, Super 8 film developed in Caffenol, 2021.
Christopher Theofanous, Installation shot, 2021.
Claudia Saballa Hobbs, A Brief History of My Dad and Chile (still), 2 minutes, 33 seconds, Digital colour video, 2021.
Elsie Preston, Hat Hair, 3D Print, 2021. Documentation by ALEC.
Jay Paul Harrison, Guilty (I), Digital Video [still], 2021.
Yasmin Hopkins, Booties, Raw wool, sweat, 2021. Documentation by ALEC.
Susan Mountford, Support Peacock, Removalist blanket, metal, rubber, chicken wire, recycled plastic, woollen yarn, organza, 2021. Documentation by Guy Grabowsky.
Eleanor Laver, Installation view, Recycled steel, laser cut steel, black ink and archival paper, 2021. Documentation by ALEC.
Rebecca Suares-Jury, Inhabited by the wind IV , oil, wax pastel and acrylic on canvas, 2021. Documentation by Aaron Christopher Rees.
Angela Nolan, Untitled (bodywork 1), Screenprint on paper, 2021.
Arthur Nyakuengama, Stitching, Video with audio from "Leather" by Hardy Haberman, 1995, 2021.
Caitlin Aloisio Shearer, Assorted paintings, 2021 VCA Grad Show, Oil, chalk pastel and wax on canvas and linen, 2021.
Blair Leggatt, im tired, Acrylic paint, house paint, expanding foam, fabric, bronze, silicone, yarn, armchair, tile, pill packets, plaster, things that are pink, 2021.

Emmanuel Rodriquez-Chaves

Emmanuel is a visual artist. Born in Costa Rica in 1986. Studied Fine Arts at the University of Costa Rica, and at the Kunsthochschule Weissensee, Berlin KhB, under the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). He recently completed a PhD at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, under the supervision of Sanja Pahoki. Where he was a recipient of a Melbourne Research Scholarship. His research examines the role that memory and narrative play within discourses of conflict and the construction of histories. Specifically, how contemporary art establishes and negotiates relationships between philosophical aspects around the manipulation of images and socio-political imaginaries (the values, systems and symbols common to a particular social group) to construct new narratives.

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