VCA ART 2021

Rachel Jessie-Rae O'Connor

Master of Contemporary Art

My practice considers the past through personal, art-historical and material references to arrive at forms that evade their own meaning through processes of contradiction. In using materials such as packaging waste, found objects, voice recordings, sound, video and textiles, I attempt to communicate states of uncertainty and refusal. Arising from research into feminist and psychoanalytic studies of identity, my work addresses issues such as conflict, denial, competition and lack. It attempts to embody of these themes while echoing greater concerns around resourcefulness and excess in an age of uneven access.

Rachel Jessie-Rae O'Connor, Shock it rocket radio turn it around if only were another rubble bubble and water for free fall deep down and outer space switch the corners ruby ol' pal mix it reverse it revolution keep the change coming i've only got a fiver and we need a new real estates for all and round she goes and we all hang on cause leave the best place to be, Posture chair, portable speakers, canvas, aerosol paint, fabrics, cardboard, glue, thermoplastic, found plastic, woodblock printing paper, stuffing, acrylic felt, hatstand, found radio set to RRR 102.7, plastic packaging, tape, plastics, beeswax, game controllers, green bags, netting, thread, foam, foil, canvases, vinyl, wire, wood, projector, media player, usb stick, bubble wrap, fake grass, torch, yoga ball, 2021.
Rachel Jessie-Rae O'Connor, Rubble Bubble Water and Free Fall (Video detail), Video, 2021.
Rachel Jessie-Rae, I think of myself right now, and my wardrobe of funny clothes. I think about getting a job in a fancy office and buying new pants to fit in. I think about staying where I am now and what that would be like also. I wonder which part of my life is holding me back. Maybe I'm not held back at all, Hat stand, foil, computer game controllers, oversize tennis ball, paper, foam, fabric, stuffing, vinyl, pleather, silk, plastic ribbon, synthetic ribbon, 2021.
Rachel Jessie-Rae, Don't see the point in doing it for myself but can't seem to put it down at the same time. Routinely never follow through on money opportunities. Forget, take too long or do nothing, Cardboard tube, packaging, wire, foam core, fabric, stuffing, Ikea shelving, gaffa tape, found signage, 2021.
Rachel Jessie-Rae, Installation detail, 2021.
Rachel Jessie-Rae, Installation detail, 2021.
Rachel Jessie-Rae, He said he couldn't promise he wouldn't forget -that's just who he is they said they don't want to have to be a caretaker he said when she speaks her mind when she's annoyed at something that is being a care taker for her , Cardboard, plastic ribbon, polyester felt, stuffing, synthetic fabrics, 2021.
Rachel Jessie-Rae, She said she was over-stimulated so perhaps if we don't talk right now her executive function is a bit off she clearly needs help but I'm not sure what to do she said she'd tried to recount what happened before hand to set if off but we didn't get very far I'm sure in time it will pass and things will go smoothly and better, 16" x 8" canvases, acrylic paint, fabric, cardboard, foam, handmade paper, armour costume, polyester fibre, plastic packaging, printmaking paper, foil, video projection, pins, 2021.

We acknowledge and pay respect to the Traditional Owners of the lands upon which our campus is situated, the Boonwurrung and Woiwurrung people of the Kulin Nations, who have created art, made music and told their stories here for thousands of generations. We also acknowledge and extend our respect to the Traditional Owners of all lands on which our work is viewed, shared and enjoyed, and to all Elders, past, present and emerging.

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